A new playable weapon class, sellsword units and a brand-new Battle Pass will start a new era!

Developer Booming Games partners with publisher MY.GAMES for  ‘Season III: Soldiers of Fortune’, deploying for free in the medieval war MMO Conqueror’s Blade on April 21. Warlords can take up arms for the new season and look forward to a brand-new playable weapon class: the Maul. The first new class since open beta and the eleventh playable weapon class so far, it’s sure to shake up the battlefield, and break through the heaviest defenses. ‘Season III: Soldiers of Fortune’ starts an era of military advancement and launches alongside a new Battle Pass, five new units, and a host of extra features.

Season III: Soldiers of Fortune:

The resurgence of nomads from the Steppes saw occupied lands reclaimed, ill-gotten treasures seized, and once-proud noblemen driven into exile. Escaping with what little gold they could carry, the disgraced lords travelled south to recruit an infamous band of sellswords, armed to the teeth with heavy weapons and gunpowder armaments, to exact vengeance and restore their glory. They are coming, and their hammers of reckoning will fall upon this land as if it were an anvil.


The eleventh playable Weapon Class joins the fray for Season III!  Players can equip their warlord with the Maul, a heavy, two-handed war hammer that can smash defences and splinter ranks with blunt force trauma. Available for all characters, they can be unlocked through the Season III Battle Pass as a free reward at Level 25 – no purchase necessary!


Inspired by the designs of Renaissance-era Italy, Booming Games introduces four new seasonal units to unlock through the Battle Pass. These soldiers of fortune hail from Sicania, their pockets lined with gold and their notorious reputations preceding them. Clear special seasonal challenges unlock these new units, then permanently recruit these sellswords to fight for the player’s cause!

  • Pavise Crossbowmen (Tier 5) are paid well enough to afford heavy shields and crossbows capable of puncturing chainmail.

  • Fortebraccio Pikemen (Tier 4) are cavalry killers that take their name from their fallen captain Mastino Fortebracci, a legendary soldier of fortune.

  • Condottieri Guards (Tier 3) are swordsmen well-balanced in attack and defence and are typically the first to charge and last to retreat.

  • The artillery unit (Tier 5) is the first of its kind, armed with cutting-edge, gunpowder-fuelled cannons that can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

  • A new Mercenary unit that can be recruited by spending Silver or Sovereigns on the Unit Tree: the Martellatori (Tier 1). Though not mighty warriors, these hulking builders can push siege engines and easily soak up damage that would kill lesser men. 


There will be over 100 levels of rewards in the Season III Battle Pass! In addition to the Maul and seasonal challenges to unlock four new units, there’s a vast selection of season-exclusive cosmetics items and other valuable content to earn. The Season III Battle Pass will be available to purchase in-game and from Steam upon the update’s release.

More features will be revealed closer to release, including a ranked matchmaking mode, and the full range of Season III's exclusive Battle Pass rewards.

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Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, MY.GAMES
Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, MY.GAMES
About Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play tactical MMO developed by Booming Tech and published by MY.GAMES for PC. The game is set in a vast open medieval world, and tasks players to create a warlord, build and command an army, and raise an empire. Players can engage in online siege battles, epic cinematic 15 vs. 15 skirmishes where they must defend their castle with cunning counter-siege measures, or send in their armies with devastating siege weapons to bring walls crashing down in a haze of fire and blood. Warlords specialized in 11 different weapon classes can be created, and used to command over 75 diverse melee, ranged, and cavalry units inspired by history’s greatest military forces. With regular, large-scale content updates, seasons, and the ability to unite or fight against players around the world, Conqueror’s Blade is the ultimate medieval warfare experience.


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Booming Tech is a game development studio dedicated to creating world-class AAA games. Having created its own engine, CHAOS, the studio has set about building a gaming empire from its own innovative in-house tools. The first game to emerge from CHAOS, Conqueror’s Blade, is an epic game of action and warfare that aims to uniquely mirror history and deliver the most immersive and authentic medieval warfare experience. For more information, visit