Competitive seasons starting this Fall. Complete Challenges. Unlock Epic Rewards.

Global publisher MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games are excited to announce that Seasons are coming to Conqueror’s Blade in Fall 2019! These limited-time events will introduce a whole new dimension to the free-to-play tactical MMO, delivering a heaping helping of medieval madness to new players, and a full-blown cavalry charge of challenge and epic rewards for veteran warlords.

Kicking off this Fall, Season One: Seize the Crown features a luxurious regal theme that will influence the season’s content, and the rewards available with its Battle Pass. For a limited time, players can complete new in-game challenges to earn legendary items exclusive to Season One, including kingly cosmetics and other royal content! More Seasons will be released in the future, providing a limitless amount of endgame progression activities for players of all skill sets.

The first Season will be heralded by a Pre-Season Update packed with new features, improvements, and fixes to help finetune the overall gameplay experience, and to prepare the game for Season One.

Additional features landing with the Pre-Season Update for "Seize the Crown" include:

  • 5 New Weapon Options: For the first time, all weapons will be made available to male and female warlords! Female characters will be able to wield the Poleaxe, Bow, and Spear, while male warlords will be able to brandish the Shortbow and Dual Blades, bringing the total number of unique gender and weapon combinations to 20.
  • A Revamped User Interface: Menus and gameplay interfaces will be more accessible and intuitive.
  • Graphical Enhancements: The world will look even better than before, and additional cinematics will be added.
  • More To Come: Even more features and improvements will be announced when the update goes live!
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Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, MY.GAMES
Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, MY.GAMES
About Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror’s Blade is an immersive MMO that mixes epic medieval action and deep tactical gameplay by placing players in the armored boots of a warlord representing kingdoms of the feudal age. Experience a life of military leadership both on and off the battlefield, with strategic and diplomatic choices to make that will determine the ultimate ruler over the battlefields. Warlords choose a combat class that is inspired by Eastern and Western cultures, fight brutal skirmishes and deploy devastating siege weaponry to take down castle walls. Players form alliances, craft impressive armor and field iconic troops - build massive armies and conquer a resource rich world for the glory of their house.


MY.GAMES is an international gaming brand (part of Mail.ru Group) and a leading online entertainment company. MY.GAMES is comprised of 12 regional offices in Russia, Europe and the US, over 1,800 staff, and 13 development studios. MY.GAMES creates titles for the PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The company operates over 60 projects, with more than 150 titles in its portfolio including War Robots, Hustle Castle, Left to Survive, Skyforge, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, and Allods Online. MY.GAMES portfolio includes renowned titles like Warface, ArcheAge, Perfect World, Revelation Online, Conqueror's Blade, Lost Ark, and more. Over 605 million players have registered within MY.GAMES titles. The company also develops its own media, operates the MY.GAMES Store platform, has a dedicated investment division (MRGV), supports gaming and esports services, and much more.

About Booming Games:

Booming Games is a game development studio dedicated to creating world-class AAA games. Having created its own engine, CHAOS, the studio has set about building a gaming empire from its own innovative in-house tools. The first game to emerge from CHAOS, Conqueror’s Blade, is an epic game of action and warfare that aims to uniquely mirror history and deliver the most immersive and authentic medieval warfare experience. For more information, visit boominggames.com